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Choosing the right Realtor® to market and sell your condo can be the difference between a successful sale and costly failed opportunities. Below are some, but definitely not all of the seller services and marketing we provide to increase the likelihood of a successful sale for your condo.

1. Number One Real Estate Agents for Gainesville Condo Sales From 2004-2016
When you choose Matt and Eric to list and market your condo, you are listing it with the #1 and #2 ranked Realtors® for number of Gainesville condos sold over the past 12 years. Since 2004, we have sold over 1,000 condos and more than $150 million in condo sales. Due to our aggressive and proven marketing, we work with more condo buyers than any other pair of Realtors® in Gainesville. This is a huge advantage for a seller, since it ensures that the largest number of potential buyers will know about your listing. Listing your condo with us maximizes the chances that your condo will sell as quickly, and for as high a price as possible.

2. Become a "Featured Listing" on the MOST Visited Dedicated Condo Website in Gainesville
Our website is the MOST visited dedicated condo website in Gainesville. Our website averages over 75,000 visits per year from potential condo buyers all over the country. When you list with us, your listing will appear as a featured listing on the homepage of our website. Having your listing as a featured listing on the homepage of our website is one of the best ways to give your listing the maximum exposure to the maximum number of potential buyers. Our website ranks as one of the top search results when potential buyers type condo keywords into Google's search engine such as "condos near UF", "condos in gainesville", "condos close to Shands", etc. This is extremely important for you as a seller, because most buyers work with the first Realtor® they contact.

3. Website Dedicated to Marketing Condos, Not Houses
Most other real estate websites focus on marketing houses, making it difficult for a potential buyer to find information on condo listings. Our website is dedicated exclusively to condos and is easy to navigate and has more options for condo buyers. Its' focus is marketing condos for sale, making it easy for a potential buyer to find information on your condo listing.

4. Marketed on Multiple National Websites
In addition to being a Featured Listing on the homepage of Gainesville's most visited dedicated condo website, your listing will also appear on many other national websites including: Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com®, HomeFinder.com, Gainesville.com, Homes.com, and many more.

Gainesville's most visited dedicated condo websites

5. Your Listing on MLS
Upon listing your condo with us, we enter it into the MLS(Multiple Listing Service). In addition to Realtors® from University Realty showing the condo to potential buyers, having your listing on the MLS allows all other Gainesville Realtors® to show your listing to their potential buyers as well.

6. Buyer Database
Since our website is designed for marketing condos, we have a feature that allows potential buyers to be added to a "new listing" database which sends them an automatic email as soon as a condo comes up for sale that fits their criteria. When we begin marketing your listing, all potential buyers in our buyer database who are looking for a condo such as yours will receive an automatic e-mail about your listing.

7. Availability to You and Potential Buyers Seven Days a Week
We are available seven days a week to speak to you and to show any interested buyers your listing. Many Realtors® only work 5 days a week, but we are available every day, including weekends.

8. Suggesting the Listing Price
Our experience and knowledge of the condo market allows us to provide our sellers with an accurate estimated listing price that balances obtaining the highest price possible with the highest likelihood of a successful sale. Prior to listing the condo, we provide you with information on recent and comparable sales and a recommended listing price. Once the condo is listed, we continually keep you updated on any new listings or sales within your community.

9. Preparing the Condo For Sale
This includes all preparation involved in preparing your condo for sale: photography, recommendations for how to make your condo show better, coordinating any changes based on our recommendations, communication with tenants to explain how showings take place, displaying "For Sale" signs, etc.

10. Tenant Satisfaction
We are experienced in making the process as smooth as possible not only for you, but for your tenants as well. The more comfortable your tenants are with the showing process, the more cooperative they will be. It can be difficult to keep tenants cooperative, but because we specialize in selling condos, we have learned how to be sensitive to their needs and make them feel comfortable and secure with the process.

11. Understanding Offers
When an offer is made on your condo, we clearly explain to you the terms of the offer and the positives and negatives of the offer. We also provide you with an estimated net proceeds sheet, which will give you a very accurate idea of what your closing costs would be at the offer price and what your total proceeds would be after all closing costs are paid.

12. Keeping Deals Together
Having sold over 1,000 condos since 2004, we have seen and dealt with almost every issue imaginable. Our experience allows us to know what is necessary to keep a difficult deal together rather than letting the deal fall apart.

13. Coordinating the Closing
We handle the coordination of the closing for you. Depending on your preference, we recommend either a title agent or attorney as the closing agent. We then assist you and the closing agent with each step involved in moving towards a successful closing. Prior to closing, we review the settlement statement with you and answer any questions you have regarding closing.

14. Specialization in Condo Sales and Marketing
Marketing and selling a condo is different than selling a house. The marketing and techniques that are effective for selling a condo are unique and different than the marketing and techniques for selling a house. Listing your condo with a Realtor® who sells a lot of houses is like asking a tennis coach to teach your child how to play basketball! Matt and Eric have sold more than 1,000 condos in the past 12 years. We know what it takes to effectively market and sell your condo better than any other Realtors®. Let the condo experts at University Realty help you market and sell your condo.

15. Customer Service Focus
We care about more than just being #1 in sales statistics. Making sure our customers are satisfied is equally important to us. We go above and beyond for every customer to provide expert advice, availability 7 days a week, and adding a personal touch to your selling experience. Read Google reviews from previous customers we have worked with.

The above items are only some of the marketing and services we provide to sellers. Please fill out the form below to find out more about University Realty's proven marketing and seller services, or to have us provide you with a free estimated sales value.

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