Meet Joshua Hartman

Realtor and Sales Specialist

Joshua Hartman

Realtor and Sales Specialist

Joshua was born in Coral Springs, FL and moved to Gainesville in 2018. Fascinated by all things real estate, Josh spends nearly all of his free time studying and researching real estate investing strategies and methods.

Joshua’s outgoing nature led him to the team here at University Realty with an unmatched work ethic and drive. He values learning, compassion, and above all else, building relationships with customers. There’s not a person he’s met that Josh hasn’t called a friend. Josh is an important member of University Realty's sales team and specializes in showing properties to customers looking to purchase.

During his free-time, Joshua loves playing piano, watching lectures on physics, and working on his project car as well as cooking for his friends and family. He also has a passion for fitness and health, making sure to include working out and healthy eating habits in his work-life balance.